Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Digital Systems I: Winter 2005



Prof. Vojin G. Oklobdzija

Office: Kemper Hall, Room 3007

Office Hours: M, W 4-5 , Kemper Hall, Room 2221, e-mail appointment preferred (please see the appointment policy)


Times and Location

5:10-6:30 M-W, 179 Chemistry

Holidays: January 17th, February 21st


Teaching Assistants:


Name Bart Zeydel Milena Vratonjic Eric Work
Lab Times Mon. 7-11pm , Wed. 7-11pm Thurs 7-11pm, Fri. 7-11pm Tues 7-11pm
Office Hours Wed 6:30-7:00pm Thurs 6:30-7:00pm Tues 6:30-7:00pm
Lab and Office Location Kemper 2110 Kemper 2110 Kemper 2110





Zhihua Li


Course Information

Lab Information




Final: Wednesday March 23rd 4:00pm Chem 179

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A very useful link showing simulation of various digital components. Courtesy of Prof. Alain Guyot, TIMA, Grenoble, FRANCE. Please use it and report any errors in English to me or Prof. Alain Guyot directly. From TIMA and


UC Berkeley: 

Design Techniques and Components for Digital Systems

Stanford University:

EE 121: Digital Design Laboratory

EE 183: Advanced Logic Design Laboratory

EE 271: Introduction to VLSI Systems

Course Information

Course Outline

Course Overview, Reading Assignments, Homework Assignments and Lecture Notes


Notes on Memory and Programmable Logic
Prof. Oklobdzija's Karnaugh-maps
Notes on Digital System Clocking

Chapter on Computer Arithmetic (from "Design of High-Performance Microprocessor Circuits" by Chandrakasan, Bowhill and Fox, J. Wiley / IEEE Press 2001)

Midterm and Solution

         Midterm Solutions

Homework Solutions

        Homework #1 Solutions
Homework #2 Solutions
          Homework #3 Solutions
          Homework #4 Solutions
          Homework #5 Solutions
          Homework #6 Solutions
          Homework #7 Solutions
          Homework #8 Solutions
          Homework #9 Solutions

Online Grade Posting 

Grades are available at

Lab Information

Places to Purchase Protoboards

Laboratory Guidelines

Lab Report Guidelines

Lab Report Coversheet


Lab 1, Introduction to Lab Instruments  

                (Lab Instrument Reference)

Lab 2, Introduction to Altera Design System

                (Quartus II download for use at home)

Lab 3, Combinational Network Design using Karnaugh Maps

Lab 4, Combinational Network Design Using MSI and PAL Devices

                (PALASM under Linux)

Lab 5, Flip-flops and Latches

Lab 6, Counter Design

Lab 7, Sequential Circuit Design

Lab 8. Arithmetic Circuits
          (Advanced Quartus II Tutorial - Hierarchy and Symbols)



Lattice PALCE 22V10 Datasheet

Texas Instruments Catalog

Texas Instruments 74LS00 Datasheet

Texas Instruments 74LS02 Datasheet

Texas Instruments 74LS04 Datasheet

Texas Instruments 74LS10 Datasheet

Texas Instruments 74LS20 Datasheet

Texas Instruments 74LS73A Datasheet

Texas Instruments 74LS74A Datasheet

Texas Instruments 74LS83A Datasheet

Texas Instruments 74LS125A Datasheet

Texas Instruments 74LS153 Datasheet

Texas Instruments 74LS163 Datasheet

Texas Instruments 74LS245 Datasheet

Texas Instruments 74LS257B Datasheet

Texas Instruments 74LS283 Datasheet

Texas Instruments 74LS373/DM74LS374 Datasheet

7-segment LED displays (all are active low, common anode, common Vcc; interchangeable and pin compatible): MAN72A, Kingbright SA03-12HDB, Fairchild 5082-7651




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