1. All labs will be conducted in 2110, EU II.
  2. Work on the labs individually. YOU MUST NOT collaborate with other students. (Violations are reported to Student Judicial Affairs.)
  3. If you are on the wait list and expect to get into the class in the future, be advised that you may not have a place to work in the lab. Also, you may not be supplied with ICs and other required parts.
  4. Please bring your own protoboard to the lab. See the web page for places to purchase protoboards.
  5. Lab room 2110 is open during working hours, Monday through Friday. You can work there when there is no other lab scheduled at that time.
  6. Complete your work during the time you registered for. Please do not work in the hours reserved for other lab sections of EEC180A.
  7. The open hours on Saturday are for students who are unable to complete the lab during the week. The TA will be in the lab only for a few hours. You are strongly urged to complete your work during the week and use the Saturday hours only if it is absolutely unavoidable.
  8. Your lab hours are from 7:10 to 11:00 p.m. Please be considerate of your TA and wind up your work by 11:00 p.m.
  9. Reports are due one week from the day that you are supposed to complete the lab. There will be a penalty for late submission of labs.