EEC 280: Take-Home Exams and Solutions

Problem 1:

Transistor Sizing (pdf file)

Berkeley 65nm Spice Model

Problem 1: Solution (pdf file)

Problem 2:

Logical Effort (pdf file)

Problem 2: Solution (pdf file)
Hspice Solution (zip file)

Problem 3:

Logical Effort (pdf file)

Problem 3: Solution (pdf file)

Problem 4:

Timing and Clock Storage Elements (pdf file)

Problem from paper by Unger and Tan (pdf file)

Problem 4: Solution (pdf file)


  1. How to use H-SPICE (Harris)

  2. H-Spice Analysis and Optimization

  3. Transistor Models

  4. Sue-Download

  5. Sue-ACSEL Library (zip file)

  6. SPICE-to-Excel Converter  (contributed by Eric Work)