Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Digital Systems I



Prof. Vojin G. Oklobdzija

Office: Engineering II, Room 3007

Office Hours: 7-8 M-W, Room 3007, appointed preferred


Teaching Assistants:


Peter Bjeletich (Wednesday AM, Wednesday PM, & Saturday Open Lab Sections)

Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 11:00 - 12:00

Office: 3120 EUII


Gabriel Aguirre ( Thursday PM & Friday PM Sections)

Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 3:00 - 4:00

Office: 2211 EUII


Wushao Wen (Monday PM & Tuesday PM Sections)

Office Hours: Friday 1:00 - 3:00

Office: 2243 EUII




Parvinder Bhatt  (Homework Grading)

Eric Shubert  (Quiz Grading)


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Final Examination is Thursday, June 15 from 4:00pm to 6:00pm!!

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Notes on Memory and Programmable Logic

Midterm and Solution

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Quizzes and Solutions

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Official Explanation

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Quiz-3   Quiz-3 Solution   Quiz- 3 Histogram   Student Answers (sample)

Quiz-4   Quiz-4 Solution    Quiz-4 Histogram   Student Answers (sample)

Quiz-5   Quiz-5 Solution    Quiz-5 Histogram   Student Answers (sample)

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Lab Information

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Laboratory Guidelines

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Special Information on Use of Saturday Lab Sections


Lab 1, Introduction to Lab Instruments

Lab 2, Introduction to Altera Design System

Lab 3, Combinational Network Design Using Algebraic Simplification

Lab 4, Combinational Network Design

Lab 5, Combinational Network Design Using MSI and PAL Devices

Lab 6, Flip-flops and Latches

Lab 7, Counter Design

Lab 8, Sequential Circuit Design

Lab 9, Arithmetic Circuit Design



AMD PALCE 22V10 Datasheet

Fairchild Semiconductor Catalog

Fairchild Semiconductor DM74LS00 Datasheet

Fairchild Semiconductor DM74LS02 Datasheet

Fairchild Semiconductor DM74LS04 Datasheet

Fairchild Semiconductor DM74LS10 Datasheet

Fairchild Semiconductor DM74LS20 Datasheet

Fairchild Semi conductor DM74LS73A Datasheet

Fairchild Semiconductor DM74LS74A Datasheet

Fairchild Semiconductor DM74LS83A Datasheet

Fairchild Semiconductor DM74LS125A Datasheet

Fairchild Semiconductor DM74LS153 Datasheet

Fairchild Semiconductor DM74LS245 Datasheet

Fairchild Semiconductor DM74LS257B Datasheet

Fairchild Semiconductor DM74LS283 Datasheet

Fairchild Semiconductor DM74LS373/DM74LS374 Datasheet

HP 5082-7730 Seven Segment Display Datasheet 


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