EEC118                                     Digital Integrated Circuits                          Spring 2003
  Reading Assignments

Instructor: Prof. Vojin G. Oklobdzija

Office: 3007 EU-II, Phone: 752-5634
Office Hours Tu-Th 10-11am, and by appointment via e-mail.



NOTE: Homework assignments are collected on the day of the next class the week after they are assigned !!

(at Midnight)

Course Overview and Tentative Schedule* (reading assignments)

*The schedule presented here is tentative. Actual schedule will depend on the level and background of the particular class. There is no guarantee that this schedule will be followed exactly. However, you are still responsible for all the labs and assignments.

Schedule of the Lectures

Schedule of the Labs

Homework Assignments

Week 1: April 1,  3

Reading: Chpt. 1 
Introduction to CMOS Circuits

No Labs

Homework 1: (due 8th) Solution


Week 2: April 8,  10 

Reading: Chpt. 2 
MOS Transistor Theory

Lab 1: Magic Tutorial


Homework 2: (due 15th) Solution


Week 3: April 15,  17

Reading: Chpt. 3 
CMOS Processing Technology

Lab 2: MOS Parameters


Homework 3: (due 22nd) Solution

3.8.1, 3.8.3-3.8.7

Week 4: April 22,  24

Reading: Chpt. 4 
Circuit Characterization and Performance Estimation

Lab 3: CMOS Inverter and Gates


Homework 4: (due 29th)

4.15.3-5, 4.15.7, 4.15.10-11

Week 5: April 29,  May 1st

Reading: Chpt. 5
CMOS Circuits and Logic Design

Lab 4: Master-Slave Latch


Homework 5: (due May 6th)

Sect. 5.9: 1-3, 5

Week 6: May 6,  8

Reading: Chpt. 5 
CMOS Circuits and Logic Design

Lab 5: CMOS Domino Circuits


Homework 6: due May 13th

Sect. 5.9: 7-9, 12, 14

Week 7: May 13,  15

Reading: Logical Effort Handouts 
Logical Effort Theory

Final Project


Homework 7:

Week 8: May 20,  22

Reading: Chpt. 8 

CMOS Subsystem Design

Final Project

Homework 8:

Week 9: May 27,  29 

Reading: handouts 
Arithemtic Circuits cont.

Final Project

Homework 9:

Week 10: June 3,  5  

Reading: All Chpt. 
Course Review

Final Project

Homework 10:

It is in the student's best interest to do all the homework assignments and problems in the textbook. This increases the studentí's skills and enhances his/her abilities to solve problems. This is an essential part of this course, since in your future job this is what you will be doing. We will be collecting your homework on the day of the first class of the next week at Midnight in the EEC118 homework box in 2131 EUII. Solutions will be posted to the website by the following Wednesday, so that you can check your work. No homework's will be received after that day !!