EEC212, Spring 2016


Course Description

This is a second course on analog MOS integrated circuit design. The focus is on the design of circuits for signal processing applications. The first half of the course will concentrate on some advanced CMOS device modeling issues, passive components, and CMOS operational amplifiers, both single-ended and fully differential.

In the second half of the course, switched-capacitor (SC) circuits will be introduced and analyzed using Z-transform and charge-transfer analysis. A SC sample-and-hold circuit and SC integrators will be analyzed. First- and second-order SC filters, ladder filters, and nonideal effects in SC filters will be covered. Continuous-time CMOS filters will be presented. Other topics that may be covered if time permits are: double-correlated sampling and chopping.

There will be homework, roughly one assignment per week. The programs SWITCAP and HSPICE will be used for homework.

Extra Office Hours for Midterm :

P. Hurst: Wed 5/18 11am--12:30pm in 2031 Kemper
Karthik Venkatesan: Mon 5/23 noon--1:30pm in 3089 Kemper
(Note: P. Hurst will not have office hour on 5/24 due to travel)

Paul Hurst
Phone: (530) 752-2054, Email Address:

Tu Th 3:10-4:30 PM - moved to 235 Wellman as of April 6.
Office hours:
Tu Th 9:30-10:30am in 2031 Kemper Hall

Course Web Page:

Course EEC210 required
Course EEC150B or EEC201 recommended

Analog Integrated Circuit Design, Carusone, Johns and Martin; Wiley, 2nd edition, 2012 or Analog Integrated Circuit Design, Johns and Martin; Wiley,1997.

Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits, Gray, Hurst, Lewis & Meyer; Wiley.
Design of Analog Integrated Circuits and Systems, Laker and Sansen; McGraw-Hill.
Analog MOS Integrated Circuits, Gray, Hodges, & Broderson, editors; IEEE Press.
Analog MOS Integrated Circuits 2, Gray, Wooley, & Broderson, ed.;IEEE Press.
CMOS Analog Circuit Design, Allen and Holberg; Holt, Reinhart, and Winston
MOS Switched-Capacitor Filters: Analysis and Design, Moschytz, ed.; IEEE Press.
Operation & Modeling of the MOS Transistor, Tsividis; McGraw-Hill.
Analog MOS Integrated Circuits for Signal Processing, Gregorian & Temes, Wiley.
Feedback Amplifier Principles, Rosenstark; MacMillan.
Introduction to the Design of Transconductor-Capacitor Filters, Kardontchik; Kluwer.
Analog CMOS Filters for Very High Frequencies, Nauta; Kluwer.

Homework 25%, Midterm 30%, Final 45%.

One midterm (date TBA) and a final.

Reading Assignments:
All reading assignments refer to material in: Analog Integrated Circuit Design, Carusone, Johns and Martin; Wiley, 2nd edition, 2012 (or in Analog Integrated Circuit Design, Johns and Martin; Wiley, 1997, which is the first edition).

Optional reading assignments, enclosed in '()', refer to material in: Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits, Gray, Hurst, Lewis, and Meyer (GHL&M), 5th Edition, Wiley, 2009.

TopicReading (2nd edition, 2012)Reading (first edition, 1997)
MOS Transistors and Technology Chap. 1 and 2 Chap. 1 and 2
Passive Components Sect. 2.4 Sect. 2.4
CMOS Op Amps: Single-ended and Fully Diff. Chap. 6 (GHL&M: Sect. 6.3-6.7, Sect. 9.4.3-9.4.5 & Chap. 12) Chap. 5 and 6, (GHL&M: Sect. 6.3-6.7, Sect. 9.4.3-9.4.5 & Chap. 12)
Feedback (Return Ratio) Chap 5 (Loop Gain found in Sect. 5.4.1 is return ratio), (GHL&M: Sect. 8.8) Sect. 5.2, (GHL&M: Sect. 8.8)
Switched-Capacitor Filters Chap. 13 and 14 Chap. 9 and 10
Continuous-Time Filters Chap. 12 Chap. 15

  • Paper on Return Ratio (see Eqn 3): "Determination of Stability Using Return Ratios in Balanced Fully Differential Feedback Circuits"

  • Information for simulating return ratio in a Single-Ended Circuit: Single-Ended RR Instructions

  • Information for simulating return ratio in a Differential Circuit: Differential RR Instructions

  • How to run SWITCAP1 on a Linux computer: How to run SWITCAP1 on Linux

  • SWITCAP Manual: SWITCAP2 Manual

  • HSPICE Command Quick Reference : HSPICE Command Quick Reference

  • Handouts: :

    System_Examples (lecture 1)

    Calculating_Lambda (lecture 1)

    Passive Components (lecture 3)

    Single-transistor MOS amplifier models (lecture 3)

    List of interesting papers on MOS op amps (lecture 10)

    Gaussian surface examples (lecture 13)

    SC circuit offset calculation (lecture 13)

    SCF: S-to-Z transform example (lecture 14)

    SC Biquads (lecture 14)

    SC Ladder filter - example (lecture 15)

    CT filter with finite gain & bw - example (lecture 20)

    CT filter tuning - example (lecture 20)

    List of interesting filter papers (lecture 20)

    A Rauch biquad (lecture 20)

  • A PAST MIDTERM: A Past Midterm

  • ANOTHER PAST MIDTERM: Another Past Midterm

  • MIDTERM SOLUTION : Midterm Solutions

  • Midterm: ave = 39.5/49 std. dev. = 8.6

  • HOMEWORKS (due in the 212 box in 2131 Kemper by 1pm on Fridays)