Team Advil

Team Advil has participated in several Stanford Games since its founding in 1999. (What's The Game?)

Team Advil has featured the talents of many individuals over the years, but the mainstays have been Alex Aravanis, Mohammed Badi, Gordon Dow, John Owens, Scott Pegg, and Greg Yap.

Some combination of those Gamers has played in Espionage, the Wonka Tour, MegaHard, the 420 Game, Zelda, Jackpot! (as the Asbestos Family), FoBiK, Goonies, Justice Unlimited, the Griffiths Collection (McGuffin Game), and Paparazzi. Team Advil members have also formed part of the Gold team (together with the Scooby Doobies) in Blau Foundation, Shelby Logan's Run, and Mooncurser's Handbook, part of the Invisible Hand in GameNY, part of "Trickle-Down Painkillers" (together with the Gipper) in Griffiths Collection, and part of Snakes on a Plane (together with the Scooby Doobies and Kenny Young) in Apprentice: Zorg.

Team Advil ran the Genome Game in July 2004.

Other folks who have graced the Advilmobile during our adventures have been Ed Boyden, Jarrod Chapman, Derek DeBusschere, Peter Engrav, Mauria Finley, Rob Jonas, Ujval Kapasi, Nick Kittredge, Chris Lane, Yee Lee, Mike Malkin, Chris Roat, and Deirdre Wheeler. We teamed up with Chris Harris, John Louie, and Jerry Chen of the Gipper as "Trickle-Down Painkillers" to play Griffiths Collection. Amnesia was played with Joel Baxter, Robert Bosch, Chris Holt, John Owens, and Ming Tsai.

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