Amnesia April 10-11, 1999

My first experience with the Stanford Game was Amnesia, a Stanford Game run by the Doh! Boys. Somehow after ISETV I got in touch with Snitch, an avid Stanford Gamer, who in turn let me know about Amnesia. For it, I assembled Team Advil from some of the folks in my lab, including Joel Baxter, Robert Bosch, Chris Holt, and Ming Tsai.

Joel and Robert did a terrific job of summarizing our experience so I won't repeat their efforts, but we zipped from Stanford to San Francisco, up into the Santa Cruz Mountains, and back through San Jose to finish in Mountain View. We placed 8th out of 18 (my understanding is Mukilteo Jones finished first) - not too bad for rookies.


  • Strands of Jelly Bellys with different (and specific) flavors
  • Descending into a Santa Cruz cave to find a tower of blinky lights
  • Voice recognition clue via phone in the middle of the night
  • The Rosicrucian Museum

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