Various Smaller Events

In December 2000 Raj Gajwani hosted Midnight Madness, which I played with Alexandra Dixon and Kiran Kedlaya as “Team Mystic Advil”; in February 2002 he hosted SF Hunt '02, which I played with Scott Pegg and Deirdre Wheeler as “Lazlo Hollyfeld”.

I've played in five San Francisco Chinese New Year Treasure Hunts, run yearly by Jayson Wechter. We've played in the Masters Division each time. In 2001 (The Year of the Snake) we were “Emil Gorgon Zola and the Mosh Pit Vipers”; 2002 (The Year of the Horse), “Bucephela”; 2003 (The Year of the Ram), “Sheep Trick”; 2004 (The Year of the Monkey), “Gary Hart's Boat” (winners in the masters division! [pix]); 2006 (The Year of the Dog), “Libby is the Best Dog Ever”; 2007 (The Year of the Pig), “The Spade Family: Ham, Spam and the Farrows”; 2008 (The Year of the Rat), “WANG GNAW”. Alexandra Dixon capably captained these teams. Then in 2009 and 2011 I played with my parents and a revolving door of other family members, in the “Thinks Faster than Runs” category. We won a cake (1st) in 2009 and a bottle of champagne (2rd) in 2011.

As Team Grue, Brent Holman, Linda Holman, David Andre and I won the first Bay Area Treasure Hunt (BATH) in 2001. Team Grue returned two years later as Brent, Linda, Jesse Dorogusker, Scott Pegg, and I took second in BATH 2 in March 2003.

In January 2002 I played in SharkByte with Alexandra Dixon, Curtis Chen, and DeeAnn Sole.

In February 2003 I playtested BANG 2 run by Blood and Bones and then played BANG 3 (31 May 2003) with Andrew Ryder and Kenny Wolf of the Usual Suspects (plus their friend Tom Kraikit) who had flown down from Seattle to see the Jackpot! movie the next day. After a long BANG hiatus, I really enjoyed Bang 28 in July 2011.

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