Galactic Consortium's Mooncurser's Handbook Game Seattle, 19-21 August 2005

Team Gold journeyed to Seattle for the Galactic Consortium's "Mooncurser's Handbook" Game. Our spaceship, and team, was named the Golden Nugget, and consisted of David Andre, Brent Holman, Reading Maley, Scott Pegg, Martin Reinfried, and me. Five other teams also made the trip from the Bay Area.

This game had a number of really interesting and fun new aspects to it, including a Friday night social activity that involved a great deal of inter-team dynamics, a structure that broke the route into four legs with rest stops (and meals!) in between, and a card-trading game that progressed throughout the weekend and figured into the final scores. The Golden Nugget finished first out of 22 teams.

Matthew Baldwin (a first-time Gamer playing with longtime Advil member Gordon's rookie team, the "B Ark") sums it up much better than I ever could. (The Pre-Game Show, The Game is Afoot, and Endgame)

Post-game forums; other commentary: [ Snout | Peter Sarrett (GC) (1, 2) | Wesley Chan (1, 2) | Irwin Dolobowsky ]

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