Shinteki Bay Area, various times

The estimable Just Passing Through, creators of Jackpot!, have now run three excellent day-long events called "Shinteki", namely Aquarius, Untamed, and Decathlon.

Aquarius - May 2004

Team Advil playtested Aquarius before the main event(s) in May 2004. We also helped run the events in May.

Untamed - 6 November 2004

Usual Advil folks Scott Pegg, Gordon Dow, and John Owens combined with Chris Harris of The Gipper as the team "Friends of the Mukilteo Library". We earned the top rank of "WOLF" at Untamed. Peter Sarrett makes some very good points about some of the clues in his blog, but overall our team had a terrific time.

Decathlon - 30 April 2005

Scott, Gordon, Chris, and John reconvened for Decathlon as "BALCO" (team motto: "We're Huge!"). We took the gold medal for our week's set of teams and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Among the highlights were a terrific deck-of-cards clue, a wild starting clue with all teams inside Stanford Stadium, and a spectacular view from the Fremont Older Open Space Preserve. The lowlight was realizing 75% of the way to Fremont that the Fremont Older Open Space Preserve is not in fact in Fremont. And the important realization from the day was that I will never ever rent one of those foot-pedaled paddleboats (essential to a clue). Slugs move faster.

Peter Sarrett has a nice summary of his team's experiences. Larry Hosken also did a great writeup.

Decathlon II - 22 July 2006

Despite a searing heat wave, Flaxseed Oil (Scott Pegg, Chris Harris, John Louie, and I) greatly enjoyed Decathlon II.

As usual, Peter Sarrett sums up Briny Deep's experiences, and the clues, quite well.

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