Solid-State Circuits Research Laboratory

Professor Paul J. Hurst

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of California
Davis, California 95616
Phone: 530-752-0583
Fax: 530-752-8428

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Courses Recently Taught:
  • E100, Electronic Circuits and Systems:
  • EEC111A-B, Electronic Circuits Laboratory
  • EEC114, Analog Integrated Circuits
  • EEC118, Digital Integrated Circuits
  • EEC189N, Special Topics: How Electronic Circuits and Systems Work
  • EEC210 (IC771DA on NTU), MOS Analog Circuit Design
  • EEC212 (IC774DA on NTU), Analog MOS IC Design for Signal Processing
  • EEC215, Circuits for Digital Communications
  • For information on these courses, please visit our course listings
    Research Area: Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design
    Our group is working on analog and mixed analog-digital circuit design in CMOS technologies. Target application areas are communication, magnetic-recording and signal-processing systems. Projects include data converters, analog filters, adaptive equalizers, sampling detectors and timing recovery. The key goals are to reduce the system cost and to improve system performance.

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