RUbiNet - Robust and Ubiquitous Networking Research Group

Research Interests

Our research interests are in the general area of computer networks, distributed systems, and wireless/mobile computing. As the Internet becomes an essential part of our everyday life, it has grown to a complex distributed networked system that is hard to characterize. We strive towards developing foundations for measuring and validating the system behavior, dynamic interactions between components, and end-to-end properties of the Internet.

Through the various RUBINET projects, we explore novel network architectures, protocols, and algorithms that ensure reliable, secure, and efficient operation of large-scale networked systems and applications. Our approach is often driven by analysis of real Internet traffic, network structures, and control-plane dynamics using massive sets of measurement data obtained from various sources (e.g., IP backbone, wireless/cellular networks, enterprise networks, end devices, and IoTs) and across different protocol layers. Specific topics of interest include Internet measurements and analysis, routing, traffic engineering, software defined networks, security, and privacy.

In recent years, we also embarked on several collaborative, interdisciplinary projects applying data science and AI/ML techniques to societal-scale problems such as smart health domain and intelligent transportation systems.

The following is a list of RUBINET projects and research topics.

Current Projects

  • ICCare: Intelligent Learning based Critical Care
  • EPACC: Automated, Personalized Critical Care Management for Resuscitation after Trauma
  • ASDeep: Machine-Learning based Video Screening for Detecting Autism Risk in the First Year of Life
  • AI4H: Other Collaborative AI-for-Health Projects
  • Noyce-AIoTs: Security and Privacy of AI-enabled IoT Eco-Systems
  • C3PO: Connected Cars & Corridors for Pervasive Sensing and Control of Vehicular Flows

Past Projects

Network/Traffic Measurements and Management
  • LeAP: Learn, Adapt, & Profile -- Beating the odds in traffic measurements/detection with optimal online learning and adaptive policies
  • Zip-OSN: Zip-OSN: Towards Building Time Capsule for Online Social Activities
  • SCRUB@ucd: Multi-dimensional Data Analytics for Detecting Malicious Activities
  • ProgME: Towards Programmable Measurement Architecture
  • OSN: Measurement and Analysis of Large-Scale Online Social Networks and Applications
  • SaND: Sampling the Internet for Effective Network Anomaly Detection
  • RoSE: Robust, Secure, and Efficient Routing
  • FIREMAN: Modeling, Validation, and Optimization of Distributed Firewalls
Wireless/Mobile Networks
  • CPR: Cooperative Peer-to-Peer Repair
  • WiMO: Resource Management in Wireless Mesh Networks
  • MINESTRONE: Mobile INfrastructure Enablers for STReaming Optimization and NEw Services
  • OpCom: Opportunistic Communications
Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET) and Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • VGrid: Vehicular-based Ad Hoc Grid Computing