RUbiNet - Robust and Ubiquitous Networking Research Group

Research Interests

Our research interests are in the general area of communication and computer networks, distributed systems, and wireless/mobile computing. As the Internet becomes an essential part of our everyday life, it has grown to a complex distributed networked system that is hard to characterize. We strive towards developing foundations for measuring and validating the system behavior, dynamic interactions between components, and end-to-end properties of the Internet.

Through the various RUBINET projects, we explore novel network architectures, protocols, and algorithms that ensure reliable, secure, and efficient operation of large-scale computer networks and enable new, flexible network services. Our approach is often driven by analysis of real Internet traffic, network structures, and control-plane dynamics using massive sets of measurement data obtained from various sources (e.g., IP backbone, enterprise networks, and end hosts) and across different protocol layers. Specific topics include: Internet measurements and analysis, anomaly detection, routing, traffic engineering, network management, overlay/P2P systems, wireless multimedia, and vehicular ad-hoc networks.

In recent years, we also embarked on several collaborative, interdisciplinary projects applying data analytics and intelligent learning algorithms to societal-scale application domains including massive online social platforms, intelligent transportation systems, and personalized healthcare.

The following is a list of RUBINET projects and research topics.

Current Projects

  • ICCare: Intelligent Learning based Critical Care
  • EPACC: Automated, Personalized Critical Care Management for Resuscitation after Trauma
  • ML-VIRSA: Machine-Learning based Video Screening for Detecting Autism Risk in the First Year of Life
  • C3PO: Connected Cars & Corridors for Pervasive Sensing and Control of Vehicular Flows

Past Projects

Network/Traffic Measurements and Management
  • LeAP: Learn, Adapt, & Profile -- Beating the odds in traffic measurements/detection with optimal online learning and adaptive policies
  • Zip-OSN: Zip-OSN: Towards Building Time Capsule for Online Social Activities
  • SCRUB@ucd: Multi-dimensional Data Analytics for Detecting Malicious Activities
  • ProgME: Towards Programmable Measurement Architecture
  • OSN: Measurement and Analysis of Large-Scale Online Social Networks and Applications
  • SaND: Sampling the Internet for Effective Network Anomaly Detection
  • RoSE: Robust, Secure, and Efficient Routing
  • FIREMAN: Modeling, Validation, and Optimization of Distributed Firewalls
Wireless/Mobile Networks
  • CPR: Cooperative Peer-to-Peer Repair
  • WiMO: Resource Management in Wireless Mesh Networks
  • MINESTRONE: Mobile INfrastructure Enablers for STReaming Optimization and NEw Services
  • OpCom: Opportunistic Communications
Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET) and Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • VGrid: Vehicular-based Ad Hoc Grid Computing