Selected Talks


  • "Towards Programmable Measurements," Cisco Security Seminar, CA, August 2008.
  • "Impact of Sampling on Anomaly Detection," DIMACS/DyDAn Workshop on Internet Tomography, Rutgers University, NJ, May 2008. [pdf]


  • "Overlay Networks: Indirection and Virtualization," DIMACS Tutorial on Algorithms for Next Generation Networks, Rutgers University, NJ, August 2007. [pdf]
  • "Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks and Opportunistic Communications," Hewlett Packard Labs-Tokyo, Japan, September 2007.
  • "Network Measurements, Anomaly Detection, and Firewalls," Hewlett Packard Labs-Palo Alto, CA, April 2007 and Intel Santa Clara, May 2007.


  • "Measuring and Managing Distributed Networked Systems," Fall 2006 Complex Systems Seminars, Computational Science and Engineering, UC Davis, December 2006.
  • "Measuring and Validating the Global Internet - System Behavior and End-to-End Properties," Google, Inc., Aug 2006.
  • "Context and Peer-to-Peer based Mobile Services," IEEE International Workshop on Mobile Commerce and Wireless Services Panel Session, June 2006.
  • "Validating System Behavior of Large-Scale Networked Computers," NSF Workshop on Theory of Networked Computation, March 2006. [pdf]


  • "Opportunistic Communications, Data Propagation, and Ad Hoc Grid Computing," Intel Research Cambridge Labs, Cambridge, UK, Sep 2005.
  • "Understanding Network Dynamics: The Race is On!" Computer Science Colloquium, Princeton University, NJ, Aug. 2005. [pdf]
  • "Robust and Ubiquitous Networking", Motorola Labs Seminar, Schaumberg, IL, May 2005. Also, UCDavis Network Lab Workshop, April 2005.


  • "Internet Routing Dynamics and Their Implications", Networking, Communications, and DSP Seminar, UC Berkeley, November 2004.
  • "VMesh-Distributed Data Sensing, Relaying, and Computing via Vehicular Wireless Mesh Networks," Intel Research Lab, Berkeley, CA, May 2004. Also at the CITRIS Workshop on Sensors, Sensor Networks, and Sensor Applications, U. C. Davis, June 2004.
  • "Robust and Ubiquitous Networking," UC Davis Second Network Lab Research Review Workshop, Davis, CA, April 2004.
  • "Trends in Communication Networks," General meeting of Tau Beta Pi Student Chapter, U. C. Davis, February 2004.


  • "Impact of BGP Dynamics on Intra-Domain Traffic Patterns in the Sprint IP Backbone," presented by S. Agarwal, NANOG27 Meeting, Pheonix, AZ, February 2003.


  • "Analysis of Link Failures in an IP Backbone Network," EEC290 Seminar, Roessler Hall, UC Davis, November 2002.
    Also at the NTT DoCoMo USA Labs weekly seminar, San Jose, CA, October 2002.
  • "Analysis of Link Failures and Their Impact on Traffic," Internet Traffic and Topology Session, 17th IEEE Annual Computer Communications Workshop, Santa Fe, NM, October 2002.
  • "Design principles of a Tier-1 backbone; Are there routing problems in the Internet?" Internet Routing and Topology, part of IPAM Workshop on Large-Scale Communication Networks: Topology, Routing, Traffic and Control, Los Angeles, CA, March 18-22, 2002.
  • "Next Generation Internet: QoS Provisioning and Route Management," Industrial Affiliates meeting, UC Davis, January 25, 2002.