In addition to the broad research topics listed in the reference section of this document, our group is currently conducting research in several primary areas of interest.

  • A major area is focused on research in GaAs and Wide Band Gap semiconductors including SiC and GaN devices and circuits. Devices include HEMT, PHEMT and MESFETs. Our groundbreaking work has been recognized on Large Signal Nonlinear Models for these devices and upon their application to development of front-end devices and circuits.
  • In pseudo conformal array geometries, an analytical and experimental investigation has been conducted for different geometric configurations under various excitations at K band. This development is being generalized to now include fully conformal arrays.
  • A separate effort has been initiated to investigate conformal arrays at S band on microwave integrated circuit materials.
  • A final antenna project has focused on development of a dipole array based direction finding system.

Current Research Projects:

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