The facility of the Microwave Devices, Antennas and Systems Laboratory (MDASL) is composed of an extensive inventory of RF and Microwave test and measurement equipment, which is located in three laboratories in rooms 3193, 3176 and 3182 in Kemper Hall. A list of equipment that has been acquired by MDASL is extensive and is available upon request.
The recent donation of an approximately 32 ft. Commercial Anechoic Chamber will supplement our existing anechoic chamber and current analytical instrumentation for antenna design and analysis.
The following pages will provide a photographic description of a portion of the test instruments possessed by the MDASL.
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  1. Network Analyzer
  2. High Power Device Measurement
  3. Noise Figure Measurement
  4. Anechoic Chamber
  5. Recently Acquired Anechoic Chamber
  6. Satellite Dish Antannae

Network Analyzer

The vector network analyzers are used for both research and educational purposes.  We currently employ three HP8510 and one Agilent 8364B PNA.

High Power Device Measurement and Characterization

Our automated, computer-controlled high power active device measurement system allows for fast accurate high power two-port RF characterization.  The system is capable of performing multi-harmonic high-power measurement, large-signal two-tone testing and broadband power measurement.  The system also allows full user control of the device biasing and is capable of measuring quiescent IV characteristics.

Our pulsed-gate IV measurement setup allows us to perform pulsed-gate IV measurements up to 2A and 58V.

Noise Figure Measurement and Phase Noise Measurement Systems

The HP 8970 series Noise Figure Measurement System is used to measure the noise figure of microwave components.
The HP 3048A phase noise measurement system is used in the measurement and characterization of phase locked loop and oscillator research.
Microstrip Fabrication Darkroom Facility

The MDASL operates a darkroom for fabrication of circuits on all types of microwave laminate materials.  The darkroom is used to produce high frequency microstrip circuit boards using wet etching techniques for both research and educational purposes.

Anechoic Chamber

The MDASL currently employs an anechoic chamber for research in antenna development and characterization.  The computer controlled system allows fast, accurate characterizations of antenna field patterns in the E and H plane.

Recently Acquired Anechoic Chamber

Internal (left) and external (right) view of the anechoic chamber

S-Band Satellite Dish Antenna and Log-Periodic Antenna

The MDASL has been using the five meter satellite dish to educate students enrolled in the EEC132 series of courses.  The satellite dish provides an exciting, real world example of RF communications and allows special insight into wireless and satellite transmissions.

In addition, the MDASL employs a Log-Period antenna which is used for projects such as the Direction Finding Antenna Arrays for Wildlife Tracking project.

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