Prof. G. Rick Branner

Principal Investigator

Research Activities:
Professor Branner performs research in the general area of the design and analysis of Microwave and RF devices, circuits, systems and antennas. His work focuses on realizations found in modern military and commercial systems. This research is motivated by his over 25 years of industrial experience combined with strong theoretical foundations.

He is currently conducting research in active nonlinear Microwave devices, Wide Bandgap Microwave transistors and circuits, passive Microwave devices(stripline and microstripline realizations) and conformal Ku band antenna arrays.


Kelvin Yuk

Degree Objective:  Ph.D.

Current Research:  High Power SiC and GaN Microwave Device Modeling and circuits

Other Research Interests:  High Efficiency Power Amplifiers, Broadband Networks, Analog and Digital Integrated Circuits, Computing Technologies, Semiconductor Technologies, Biomedical Applications of Electronics

Maria C. Gonzalez

Degree Objective:  Ph.D.

Current Research:  Conformal Array Antennas for Ku Band Applications

Other Research Interests: Microwave Imaging, FMCW radar, UWB antenna

Swapnil Jain

Degree Objective:  M.S.

Current Research:  High power SiC circuits

Other Research Interests: RF Oscillators and Resonators, RF Low Noise Amplifiers(LNA), RF Mixers, RF Power Amplifiers(PA), RF Phase Lock Loops(PLL), RF Voltage Controlled Oscillators(VCO), RF Equalizers, High Speed Signal Integrity, Nonlinear Modeling of MESFETs and HEMTs, MMIC Design

Claudia Wong

Degree Objective:  M.S.

Current Research:  High power GaN circuits

Other Research Interests:  MEMS, RF-MEMS, Defense Systems and Communications, and carbon nanotube applications.

Sharmistha Modak

Degree Objective:  M.S.

Current Research:  High-Efficiency Power Amplifiers

Other Research Interests: 

Reza Bahadur

Degree Objective:  M.S.

Current Research:  Antennas

Other Research Interests


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