Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Digital Systems II

Prof. Vojin G. Oklobdzija
Office: Engineering II, Room 3007
Office hours: Tu 7:30-8:30 and by appointment via e-mail
Teaching Assistants:
            Hoang Dao:
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    Course Information

  • Course Outline
  • Course Overview and Reading Assignments
  • oProf. Oklobdzija's Class Notes

  • Computers
  • Architecture
  • RISC Architecture
  • Timing
  • Adders and Multipliers
  • Important Links

  • UC Berkeley CS150
  • UC Berkeley EE141
  • Homework's

    Homework No.1

    Homework Solutions

    Quiz and Midterm Solutions


    Midterm solutions (powerpoint file)

    Final Grades


    Lab Information

  • Lab Cover Sheet
  • Labs

  • 180A Review Lab - Altera Tutorial I
  • 180A Review Lab - Altera Tutorial II
  • 180B Lab 1: Using RAM in the Altera Flex 10K
  • 180B Lab 2: Register File Design
  • 180B Lab 3: Finite State Machine Design
  • 180B Lab 4: Controller Design
  • 180B Lab 5-6: Fast ALU Design
  • 180B Lab 7-10: Microprocessor Design: MISP
  • Datasheets

    1. Altera
    2. Altera Flex10K Data Sheet
    3. Tri-State Buses in Altera Devices
    4. Bidirectional Bus Emulation in Altera Devices

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