GATE Lab Research

1) Hardware Security and Trust

Hardware is the root of trust! Secrets are stored in Hardware! Hardware also embeds valuable intellectual property. Hardware security is the science of building trust, protecting secrets, and protecting the IP. Research on Hardware security at GATE lab includes but not limited to the following topics:

2) Machine Learning (Model and Applied)

Research on machine learning solutions at GATE lab, include but not limited to the followin topics:

3) Neuromorphic Hardware Design

there is a growing need for moving Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the edge to cope with the increasing demand for autonomous systems. To enable this vision, we need to design computing solutions that are fast, energy efficient, and reliable. Neuromorphic HW design is the science of architecting HW solutions (using CMOS or post-CMOS technology) to execute learning models efficiently. By moving from general processing hardware to application-specific hardware, we lose generality but reach hardware solutions that are efficient for the targeted application. In the GATE lab, we are exploring new design solutions for building neural processing engines.

4) Internet of Things

At GATE lab, we are investigating means of improving IoT solutions' security (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability). Some of the investigation topics include Authentication and identity management, Authorization and access control, physical and logical security, and privacy preservation. At the same time, we are exploring low power design and approximate computing to lower the energy barrier for resource-constrained IoT devices.