– August 1, 2023, we are excited to receive a grant from National Science Foundation to develop high performance THz sensor

– July 1, 2023, we are excited to participate integrated infrared spectroscopy system research funded by National Science Foundation

– Jan. 1, 2023: We are excited to join the Jump 2.0 center, CogniSense: Center on Cognitive Multispectral Sensors, led by Georgia Tech

– August 6, 2020: Congratulations to Hai Yu by winning the Best Student Paper Award, 3rd Place at 2020 IEEE International Microwave Symposium IMS2020. The paper is titled “A 162 GHz High Resolution Dielectric Sensing System Based on Ring Resonator Sensor,” co-authored with B. Yu, X. Ding,
and Prof. Gomez-Diaz

– Oct. 15th 2018: Congratulations to Jinbo Li with the paper accepted by ISSCC2019. The paper is titled “A 21-dBm OP1dB 20.3%-Efficiency -131.8dBm/Hz-Noise X-band Cartesian Error Feedback Transmitter with Fully Integrated Power Amplifier in 65nm CMOS”.

– June 8th 2017: Congratulations to Bo Yu by winning the Best Student Paper Award, 3rd Place at 2017 IEEE International Microwave  Symposium IMS2017. The paper is titled “Dielectric Waveguide Based Multi-mode sub-THz Interconnect Channel for High Data-Rate High Bandwidth-Density Planar Chip-to-Chip Communications”, co-authored with Bo Yu, Yu Ye, Xuan Ding, Yuhao Liu, Prof. Xiaoguang Liu

– August 27th 2016: Congratulations to Tongning Hu by winning the Best Student Paper Award, at 2016 IEEE International Symposium on RF Integration Technology RFIT2016. The paper is titled “A 10.01 – 10.1 GHz Bang-Bang PD based Phase Noise Filter with 12.6 dB Noise Suppression”, co-authored with Shilei Hao


– June 2nd 2016: Congratulations to Shilei Hao by winning the Best Student Paper Award, 2nd Place at 2016 IEEE International Microwave  Symposium IMS2016. The paper is titled “A 10 GHz Phase Noise Filter with 10.6 dB Phase Noise Suppression and -116 dBc/Hz Sensitivity at 1 MHz Offset.”

Shilei_Award 2016IMS

– Dec. 10th, 2015: Congratulations to Jinbo Li by winning the Best Student Paper Award at 2015 IEEE Asia Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC2015) held from Dec. 6th to Dec. 9th in Nanjing China. The paper is titled “Passive Interferometer for Wideband and Linear Transmitter Leakage Cancellation”, co-authored with Ran Shu.

Jinbo_BestPaper_IEEEAPMC2015_small (1024x719)

– June 23th, 2015: Prof. Jane Gu is the recipient of the 2015 College of Engineering Outstanding Junior Faculty Award

– June 11th, 2015: Congratulations to Shilei Hao by winning the 2014 – 2015 ECE Excellence in Research Award in the Best Presentation category with the paper entitled “A 10GHZ Delay Line Frequency Discriminator and PD/CP based CMOS Phase Noise Measurement Circuit with -138.6 dBc/Hz Sensitivity at 1 MHz Offset” at the IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium in Phoenix, Arizona.

Shilei_Award 2015-06-12 15.21.15_2

– June 2nd, 2015: Congratulations to Jinbo Li by receiving Spring 2015 ECE Graduate Program Fellowship

– May 13th, 2015:  Congratulations to Yu-Ting Chang by winning the 2014 – 2015 Richard and Joy Dorf Graduate Student Award.

– June 6th, 2014: Congratulations to Bo Yu by winning the Best Conference Paper Award with the paper entitled ” Micromachined Silicon Channels for THz Interconnect” of 2014 IEEE Wireless and Microwave Technology Conference (WAMICON)


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