Postdoctoral Scholars and Visiting Researchers

Graduate Students

Visiting Students

Undergraduate Students


    Name  Degree, Year  Notes
    Bo Yu Ph.D., 2018 Join Skyworks
    Ajinkya Namdeorao More M.S., 2018 Join Skyworks
    Mingyuan Sun Visiting Student, 2018  from Uni. of Electronics Sci. & Tech
    Junping Zheng Visiting Student, 2018 from Xidian Universit
    Shilei Hao Ph.D., 2017 Join Qualcomm
    Yu Ye Post Doc., 2017 Join Apple
    Yu-ting Chang Ph.D., 2017 co-advise with Prof. Luhmann Join Skyworks
    Md Naimul Hasan Ph.D., 2017 co-advise with Prof. Liu Join Skyworks
    Shu Ran Post Doc., 2016 Join Qualcomm
    Han Cheng Visiting Student, 2016 from Beijing Institute of Technology
    Bin You Visiting Scholar, 2016 from Hangzhou Dianzi University
    Chao Yuan M.S., 2015 Join Intel


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