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“Please, Fry! I don't know how to teach. I'm a professor!” —Professor Hubert Farnsworth, episode 1ACV11, “Mars University”, Futurama

I am not scheduled to teach any classes in the 2014–15 academic year.

In 2013–14, I taught EEC 277, Graphics Architecture in the winter and EEC 171, Parallel Architecture in the spring.

In February 2013, we launched a Udacity (online) course on parallel computing, which I cotaught with David Luebke. Here's my writeup on the experience, and we had a bunch of media attention as a result [Chronicle of Higher Education, onlineeducation.net, The Wheel]. As of mid-year 2014, the class had over 50k enrollees.

In previous quarters, I have taught EEC 171, Parallel Architecture (spring 2014, spring 2013, spring 2012, spring 2011, spring 2010, spring 2009, spring 2008, and spring 2007); EEC 172, Embedded Systems (fall 2004 with Lance Halsted, winter 2005, and fall 2005); EEC 277, Graphics Architecture (winter 2014, winter 2013, winter 2012, winter 2011, winter 2010, winter 2009, winter 2008, winter 2007, winter 2006, winter 2005, winter 2004 and spring 2003); EEC 180A, Digital Systems (winter 2009); and EEC 170, Introduction to Computer Architecture (fall 2010, fall 2007, winter 2006, and fall 2003). I also organized the graduate seminar series (EEC 290) in fall 2003.

My winter 2009 EEC 277 course is now on iTunes U! (link) Lecture slides can be found in the resources page at the course's SmartSite.

My students might be interested in hearing What Professors Do All Day or The Secret Lives of Professors.