Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Assembly Language and Computer Organization

Prof. Vojin G. Oklobdzija
Office: Engineering II, Room 3007
Office Hours: M-W 10:00 - 10:30 or by appointment via e-mail:


Teaching Assistants: Xiao Yan Yu, , Kelvin Yuk,, Lei Chen,


Office Hours: 2110 EU II:  Xiao Yan Yu, Monday 12-1, 

Kelvin Yuk Wednesday 1-2pm, Lei Chen Friday 4:10-5:10.

Class location: 206 Olson

Workshop: 2110 EU II, M-F, Sun 12-6pm


Final Exam Time: Tuesday December 11th, 4-6 PM Olson 206
Final Exam Review Guide

Course Information

Course Description

Course Outline and Schedule

Prof. Oklobdzija's Class Notes

Computers: Introduction

Computer Architecture

CPU-Block (PowerPoint)

CPU-Diagram (Acrobat - PDF)


Returning Instruction
Homework#1 -- Due 11/30/01 Before 11:00 AM Solution

Programming Assignments 

Examples and INPUT.S

Submission Instruction
Program Assignment#1 -- DUE 10/19/01 11:59pm Program #1 Solution
Program Assignment#2 - DUE 10/26/01 11:00am Program #2 Solution
Program Assignment#3 - DUE 11/2/01 11:00am Program #3 Solution
Program Assignment#4 - DUE 11/16/01 11:00am Program #4 Solution

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Important Links

UC Berkeley CS61C

Links for downloading WinDLX (courtesy of the Technical University of Viena):

Textbook link


WinDLX Notes

WinDLX Tutorial

DLX distribution homepage 

DLX Resources

DLXsim - A Simulator for DLX (manual)

Prof. N. Matloff's DLX tutorial

DLX Links

DLX Instruction Format

Download for WinDLX

DLX on UNIX machines

DLXview simulator for Linux


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