Programming Assignment #1

DUE DATE 10/19/01 5:00pm

Write a program that shifts a value both logically left and logically
right. The program will prompt the user for a number. It will then
prompt the user for a left shifting amount. It will next prompt the user
for a right shifting amount. The program will output two results: one
with the left shifted number and the other with the right shifted
number. Example output is as follows:

Please enter a number to be shifted: 12
Enter the number of left shifts: 1
Enter the number of right shifts: 1

12 shifted left 1 bit = 24
12 shifted right 1 bit = 6

Use input.s to perform the input and output to your program.
You do not need to include input.s when you submit your program.

You do not need to perform any error checking on the input.
Just make sure the program does not crash.
You can use any standard text editor to write your code.