2006 Workshop on On- and Off-Chip Interconnection Networks for Multicore Systems

6-7 December 2006, Stanford, California






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Due to space constraints at our venue we must limit the attendance to this workshop to our invitees. Please do not register for this workshop unless you were invited to do so.

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The workshop begins at 7:30 am on Wednesday 6 December and ends after dinner at 9:00 pm on Thursday 7 December. We do understand some attendees need to leave for short times during the workshop, or must miss the beginning or end.

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I can attend the whole workshop.
I can attend most of the workshop, but need to miss the following times.
I can't attend the workshop.

We are encouraging attendees to bring posters describing their recent work. If you would like to bring a poster, please submit an abstract here. If you'd like to bring one, but don't know your abstract yet, please go ahead and register now, indicate that you'll submit one before 14 November, and come back and register again.

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