EEC161 Probabilistic Analysis of Electrical and Computer Systems

Fall 2009

Course Information

Instructor: Bernard C. Levy   levy@ece.ucdavis.edu
Office: 3183 Kemper
Lectures: Monday/Wednesday 10-12am 1006 Giedt
Office Hours: Tu. 2-4pm, 3183 Kemper
TA: Jovana Ilic
TA Office Hours: Tu. 10-11am, 3089 Kemper
Wed. 1-2pm, 3089 Kemper
TA Office hours for finals week: Wed. 1-2pm, 3089 Kemper
Wed. 2-5pm, 3139 Math Sciences Building

Course Materials

Course Description
Tabulated Q function

Lecture Transparencies (from the publisher web site)

Chapter 2 Probability model    Chapter 3 Random variables   
Chapter 4 Expectations, moments    Chapter 5 Joint random variables   
Chapter 6 Sequences of random variables    Chapter 7 Random processes   
Chapter 8 Markov chains, queueing   

Problem Sets

Problem Set 1 due W. 10/7    Problem Set 2 due W. 10/14   
Problem Set 3 due W. 10/21    Problem Set 4 due Th. 10/29   
Problem Set 5 due W. 11/4    Problem Set 6 due Th. 11/12   
Problem Set 7 due W. 11/18    Problem Set 8 due W. 11/25   
Problem Set 9 due W. 12/2   

Problem Set Solutions

Problem Set 1 Solutions      Problem Set 2 Solutions
Problem Set 3 Solutions      Problem Set 4 Solutions
Problem Set 5 Solutions      Problem Set 6 Solutions
Problem Set 7 Solutions      Problem Set 8 Solutions
Problem Set 9 Solutions     

Exams and Solutions

Practice Midterm 1   Practice Midterm 2 Solutions
Midterm 1   Midterm 1 solutions
Practice Midterm 2   Practice Midterm 2 Solutions
Midterm 2   Midterm 2 solutions  
Practice Final   Practice Final Solutions  
Final exam    Final exam solutions   

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