ECE Machines and Tool Setup for EEC 281

EEC 281 homework projects are done using CAD tools located on the ECE computers in Kemper 2107. You may either use those computers by sitting at their consoles in Kemper 2107 or log into them remotely from your own computer.

Setting up an ECE computer account

Logging in with ssh

Read the ECE Support instructions.

Since the waveform viewer requires the display of its X window, X forwarding must be handled correctly. Within the ECE department from linux,  ssh machinename  should work however if it does not, type  man ssh  to see which options are needed. The key is to enable trusted X11 forwarding.

Common possible options include:  -X  for correct X11 operation,  -Y  for correct X11 operation, and  -l ECEusername  in case your local machine's username is different from your ECE username.

Logging into ECE machines with ssh (secure shell)

4. Using VNC from Windows or Mac

Positive: VNC will allow you to continue your entire environment including open windows and simulation sessions even if you login from a different machine or if your internet connection drops.

Negatives: Once started, the environment must be run on the same machine. The session window size can not be changed which can be inconvenient if you log into your environment from different machines with different monitor sizes.

  1. Download and install VNC Viewer (or TightVNC Viewer)
  2. Log into a suitable machine for your 281 work
  3. Create a VNC desktop by the command: vncserver. This will create a desktop with default resolution. If you want to specify the resolution by yourself, then you can use the -geometry option. The command will become: vncserver -geometry width x height. For example, your monitor resolution is 1920x1080, then just use: vncserver -geometry 1920x1080. Then a new desktop will be created, such as: 'python:1 (username)' desktop is python:1
  4. Open TightVNC Viewer, if you want to log into "python" and the desktop number in step 4 is '1', in the "Remote Host" entry, type in:, then click "Connect', a new small window will pop up for you to enter your password, after that, you are connected to the target machine
  5. Note: You may receive an "Authentication Error" after you type your password in VNC, even if you use the correct password. To fix this problem, try this:
    1. Close all your vnc sessions.
    2. Then, on a 2107 computer, delete your ~/.vnc folder with: rm -rf ~/.vnc
    3. Then run: vncserver

Available ECE machines

Setting up your unix environment

  1. Open up a new terminal

  2. Type 'setup cadence' (without quotes) and press enter

  3. Type 'setup designcompiler' (without quotes) and press enter

  4. The tools will work once you close this terminal and open up a new one.

EEC 281 | B. Baas | ECE Dept. | UC Davis
Written by Bevan Baas


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