Transformer based inter-stage coupling scheme for amplifiers


Amplifiers are indispensable for systems and impose significant challenges for on-chip mm-Wave/THz systems, including power amplifiers in the transmitter and low noise amplifiers in the receiver. High amplifier performances are hard to achieve due to the large losses of inter-stage matching network.  The performance degradation are induced by different factors, such as circuit biasing networks, simulation inaccuracy introduced non-optimal design, on-chip crosstalk. We have invented the transformer based inter-stage matching scheme to effectively address all the critical issues for on-chip mm-Wave/THz amplifiers with several prominent advantages. First, it provides inherent DC blocking between stages to allow individual optimum biasing for each stage. Second, it supports flexible voltage/current gain performance by adjusting the winding turns ratio to enable active/passive co-optimization. Third, the natural inter-stage T matching network accomplishes impedance matching with symmetrical configurations and immunity to on-chip coupling noises with fully differential configuration. Fourth, physically spanned input and output signals benefits good isolation and compact physical design minimizes losses; Fifth, differential structure facilitates accurate performance estimation through EM simulations and design optimization. This method has been widely used by many other groups.

With the invented transformer based inter-stage matching, we have demonstrated a series of high performance mm-wave CMOS amplifiers, starting from a 60 GHz power amplifier (PA) with the gain > 30 dB, a 100 GHz PA with the highest saturated output power Psat about 15 dBm in CMOS and a 100 GHz Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) with the best noise figure (NF) of < 8 dB in 2012, then a wideband 128-157 GHz amplifier with the power gain higher than 10 dB, to the fastest amplifier at 200 GHz with the maximum gain about 8 dB in 2012, all in CMOS technologies. We have published 17 papers and filed 1 patent disclosure in this domain.



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