EEC 116—Magic Tutorials

When a tutorial tells you to edit a magic file, copy it from the directory /software/magic/lib/magic/tutorial/ to your local working directory so you can edit it.

To copy all the tutorials to your home directory, first make a folder to contain all the files, copy the files to this folder, then make the files writeable. For example:

  1. mkdir ~/magic
  2. cd ~/magic
  3. cp /software/magic/lib/magic/tutorial/tut*.mag .
  4. chmod +w tut*.mag
You could also copy files one at a time with a command like: cp /software/magic/lib/magic/tutorial/tut1.mag .

We will make several small changes to the magic tutorial procedures. They are:

Tutorial Errata Changes between Magic 7.1 and Magic 7.4
Magic Tutorial #1 Getting Started
Magic Tutorial #2 Basic Painting and Selection
Magic Tutorial #3 Advanced Painting (Wiring and Plowing)
Magic Tutorial #4 Cell Hierarchies
Magic Tutorial #5 Multiple Windows
Magic Tutorial #6 Design-Rule Checking
Magic Tutorial #7 Not used in 116: Netlists and Routing
Magic Tutorial #8 Circuit Extraction
Magic Tutorial #9 Not used in 116: Format Conversion for CIF and Calma
Magic Tutorial #10 Not used in 116: The Interactive Router
Magic Tutorial #11 Reference: Using IRSIM and RSIM with Magic
Only "getnode" is relevant and it is described on the Magic Tips webpage.
Magic Tcl Tutorial #1 Not used in 116: Introduction
Magic Tcl Tutorial #4 Not used in 116: Simulation with IRSIM

2005/04/08  Written
2005/04/21  Added TCL tutorials
2006/05/06  Updated for Spring 2006
2013/10/03  Marked five tutorials as not used in 116
2013/10/08  Added notes about copying .mag files
2016/09/30  Updated paths to /software/...
2017/01/15  Integrated tutorial versions with red struck out font
2017/01/16  Tutorial #11 now optional reference