EEC 116 - Magic Layers Summary Table

Here is a table of the layers in magic that are used for layout in EEC 116.

  Material     Valid magic names  
nwell nw, nwell
pwell pw, pwell
N substrate diffusion nsd, nsubstratendiff
P substrate diffusion psd, psubstratepdiff
N substrate diffusion ↔ m1 contact nsc, nsubstratencontact
P substrate diffusion ↔ m1 contact psc, psubstratepcontact
polysilicon poly, p, polysilicon, red
N diffusion ndif, ndiffusion, green
P diffusion pdif, pdiffusion, brown
NFET (normally not painted) nfet, ntransistor
PFET (normally not painted) pfet, ptransistor
N diffusion ↔ m1 contact ndc, ndcontact
P diffusion ↔ m1 contact pdc, pdcontact
polysilicon ↔ m1 contact pc, pcontact, polycontact, polycut
metal 1 m1, metal1, blue
metal 2 m2, metal2, purple
metal 3 m3, metal3, cyan
metal 4 m4, metal4, yellow
metal 5 m5, metal5
metal 6 m6, metal6
m1 ↔ m2 contact m2c, m2contact, m2cut (or v1, via1)
m2 ↔ m3 contact m3c, m3contact, m3cut (or v2, via2)
m3 ↔ m4 contact m4c, m4contact, m4cut (or v3, via3)
m4 ↔ m5 contact m5c, m5contact, m5cut (or v4, via4)
m5 ↔ m6 contact m6c, m6contact, m6cut (or v5, via5)
opening in sealing passivation glass
I/O pad (normally not painted) pad
Stacked vias, use only later in the course
nwell ↔ m1 ↔ m2 contact nwsm12c, nwsm12contact
ndiff ↔ m1 ↔ m2 contact ndm12c, ndm12contact
pdiff ↔ m1 ↔ m2 contact pdm12c, pdm12contact
poly ↔ m1 ↔ m2 contact pm12c, pm12contact
m1 ↔ m2 ↔ m3 contact m123c, m123contact
m2 ↔ m3 ↔ m4 contact m234c, m234contact
m3 ↔ m4 ↔ m5 contact m345c, m345contact
m4 ↔ m5 ↔ m6 contact m456c, m456contact

2010/10/19  Written. (Bevan Baas)