EEC 116 - DRC Rules

Below are some of the major DRC rules needed for EEC 116 projects.

Rule   Minimum Value   Special Notes
pdiff width -
ndiff width -
ndiff-pdiff 12λ -
nwell width 12λ -
nwell-pdiff overhang -
pwell width 12λ -
pwell-ndiff overhang -
poly width Always use this width for transistor gates
poly-poly -
gate-gate Notice more than poly-poly
poly-pc -
poly-diff -
poly-gate overhang -
diff-gate overhang -
m1 width -
m1 width -
m1-m1 -
pdc/ndc width The m1 to diffusion contacts
pdc/ndc-pdc/ndc Based on m1-m1
pdc/ndc-gate Diff contact to transistor gate spacing
pc width Polycontact
pc-pc Based on poly-pc
m2 width -
m2-m2 -
m2c width -
m2c-m2c Based on m2-m2
m3 width -
m3-m3 -
m3c width -
m3c-m3c Based on m3-m3

2010/10/08  Written. (Trevin Murakami)