EEC 116 - Estimated TSMC 0.18 µm Wire Capacitances

These numbers are taken from the publicly-available magic tech file SCN6M_DEEP.09.tech27

Values are given with λ = 0.09 µm.

Some values do not make intuitive sense. This is likely because MOSIS either entered the numbers incorrectly or they are making simplifying assumptions (such as top levels of metal will normally have other layers below). In any case, many of these numbers have been checked by hand and they agree with the magic116/irsim116 results.

Capacitance Table

Layer Area Cap to Substrate
Fringe Cap per Edge to Substrate
Polysilicon 0.825 2.08
metal 1 0.337 1.002
metal 2 0.118 0.376
metal 3 0.071 0.231
metal 4 0.048 0.361
metal 5 0.065 2.07 (seems high, assume correct)
metal 6 0.024 3.78 (seems high, assume correct)

2004/05/25  Initial version
2006/04/11  Updated for Spring 2006