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Commencement 2011

    Shafi Bashar's Commencement Moment with Prof. Ding and the brats outside their ARC on June 9th, 2011.
   From left: Stanley (Quyen), Zhe, Neil, Zhi, Shafi, Xiao, Huy-Dung, Vida Fabio (stuck in Japan, not shown).

News Flash

At UC Davis' 2011 June Commencement, ECE graduate student Shafi Bashar has been awarded his Ph.D. under the mentorship of Professor Zhi Ding. His dissertation entitled "Physical and Cross-layer Security Enhancement and Resource Allocation for Wireless Networks" presents novel physical (PHY) and cross-layer design guidelines and resource adaptation algorithms to improve the security and user experience in the future wireless networks. He is now working as a wireless systems engineer in the wireless standard group at Intel Corporation. Photos are commencement are below.

    Commencement 2011