Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering UC Davis

Current Research Interests and Activities @ BRAT-Lab

  • Group meeting 2008
    • Novel wireless digital communication system design and implementations
    • MIMO wireless transceiver optimization and crosslayer integration
    • Cooperative wireless networking
    • Heterogeneous Wireless Networking
    • Distributed source localization
    • Joint detection and decoding receiver design and optimization
    • Fundamental signal processing
    • Structural health monitoring and stress-wave signal transmission
    • Adaptive and array signal processing
    Commencement 2003

       Commencement 2003 (Brat-Lab PhD Graduates: 3rd from left (2nd row): Shawn Neugenbauer, Tom Drumright, and Harvind Samra.

    Commencement 2011

       Commencement 2011 (Brat-Lab PhD Graduate: Shafi Bashar