Merging the boundarybetween Science and Engineering

We develop advanced optical methods and neurotechnologies to interrogate and modulate brain activity, with a goal to understand how neural circuits organize and function. As an important step towards deciphering how the brain works, our work could lead to effective solutions to treat brain diseases and enhance human learning capability. Our research is highly interdisciplinary, combining knowledge in biophotonics, integrated optoelectronics, nanotechnologies, statistics as well as neuroscience and neuroengineering.


03/2019 Our commentary on new methods for nanoscale brain mapping is published on Nature Biotechnology.

02/2019 Prof. Weijian Yang received NSF Early CAREER Award for the research project “Agile multiplexed multiphoton microscope for interrogation of neural circuits”.

11/2018 Yihang Jiao joined our lab as a master student. Welcome!

09/2018 Feng Tian and Kangning Zhang joined our lab as PhD students. Welcome!

07/2018 Yueyang Pan from Zhejiang University joined our lab for summer research as part of the Global Research Experience in Advanced Technologies (GREAT) Program. Welcome!

07/2018 Zhihai Lin from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) joined our lab for summer research. Welcome!