VNC Tutorial for ECE Linux Machines

VNC is a remote desktop environment that allows you to work remotely, and which preserves your applications if the connection breaks (it often does).

Creating a VNC session

Accessing a VNC session

If you use VNC often, there will inevitably be times that the network connection breaks - you may see messages like "software caused connection abort" or "broken write pipe." Don't panic - just run VNC Viewer again with the same session details. All your work will be there right where you left off.

Of course, there are rare cases where the host machine crashes or needs to reboot. In this case, any work open in your VNC session is not saved. For this reason, you should not leave work sitting in a VNC session longer than necessary.

Keep reading, you are not done!

Closing a VNC session

For security reasons, it is a good idea to end your VNC session when you are done working. After saving all work and closing all programs on your remote desktop, ssh back into the machine hosting your VNC session, and type the following command:

> vncserver -kill :<session number>

Make sure the message says your session was terminated successfully.

2014/10/13  Written by Tim Andreas