Publised in Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics. IEEE [link]

Admitted to UC Davis for MS program in Electrical Engineering!

Recieved honorable mention for "Chancellor's award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research". One of four to recieve this recognition.[pics]

Published in SPIE: Energy Harvesting and Storage: Materials, Devices, and Applications conference. Presented about: zinc oxide nanowire fabrication via. sonication.


List of research conferences attended



Cavitation is the formation and collapse of vapor bubbles in a liquid subjected to acoustic energy at high frequency and intensity. When these bubbles collapse they emit large ammounts of energy.. Avinash Nayak. I am graduate student studing EE at UCD. I love that students like myself have the opportuniy to collaborate and work with professors in differnt regions of academia... Research. Some of my research intrests are: Carbon nanotubes (SWCNT), Cavitation chemistry & sonoluminescence, Social networking, Microarray data/Gene array analysis...