About Me:

I'm an undergraduate (junior) at UC Davis, I deceided to become an Electrical Engineer the summer after my high school graduation, when I built my first robot! After that NASA course, I was convinced that the field of Electrical Engineering had a lot to offer. After I got involved in IEEE, it was clear that innovations and leadership in technology would provide solutions to social problems for the future. To find out more about me you can visit my personal website.

I always had that fear of jumping into the Internet and exposing myself to the world. It’s the thought that anyone in the world could just “Google me” and find out my name or where I live and my interests. I suppose it’s a thing of a past now. After all, who can you not find on the Internet today?

My ideology has always been – “Something worth getting is always going to be hard to get!” So, even though Electrical Engineering is "hard" I want to work for the rewards. UC Davis has inspired and motivated me to do so. I have felt at home.

I am lucky to work and collaborate with Dr. Raissa D'Souza and Dr. Saif Islam on two completely differnt projects. I love the fact that UC Davis gives thier students the opportunity to work and collaborate with laurate professors. Great minds surround me and I hope to give back to the campus what I have recieved. I love to research. It's the notion that I can create something that no one else in the world or in history has ever created before that really drives me.

I love my mom, dad and sister! (hi mom!) :-p