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Master of Science Plan I Program of Study: LaTeX Template
In order to make filling out the UC Davis Electrical and Computer Engineering Master of Science Plan I Program of Study form easier, I've created this LaTeX template file. Using this template will allow you to keep closer track of your progress, since it's easy to enter in your classes and grades as you complete them. The required files are:
Edit the file mstr_plan_i_pofs.tex, modifying the classes, quarter taken, and grade columns in each table. Once editing is finished, GNU Make can be used to generate a PDF file. For example,
  • make mstr_plan_i_pofs.pdf
    • Depending on which system you build the PDF file, you may have to modify the page margins.
      I use Cygwin, and the file looks great. However, on the ECE Linux machines, the whole document
      is pushed down an inch or so.
  • Example PDF Output: mstr_plan_i_pofs.pdf.
This template can also be modified to generate a template for the Master of Science Plan II Program of Study.

Jeremy W. Webb
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