Industry Night

Come talk to members of industry from well-known companies such as Lockheed, Intel, Cisco, and Microsoft! Inquire about their companies and their roles in the company. You never know if you will be working for this person one day!


We have guest speakers from industry come in and present material that they think is relevant to students today. Whether it is how to use a certain device or to teach you a life lesson is up to their discretion, but what they cover is always important!


Whether it is a professor, a man from a company, or a fellow student, everyone has something worth presenting. Come drop on by to listen to these individuals give their words of advice!

Picnic Day

Participate in Picnic Day by presenting a project you have been working on for the past year! Showcase your excellence to thousands of people of all ages! Or simply drop by and visit fellow peers.

Ice Cream Social

Chit-chat with faculty and other students. Get to know the student clubs in the engineering department!

LAN Party

Bring your friends to compete in a night of mayhem. And when I say friends, I do not simply mean your computers!

Pizza with a Professor

Did you ever have a yearning to ask that professor a question but just did not want to be that one student? Well, here is your chance! Feel free to ask anything!