Houman Homayoun



Soheil Salehi, PhD: University of Central Florida

Nadir Amin Carreon Rascon, PhD: University of Arizona

PhD Students

Chongzhou Fang
Research: Cloud Security - FPGA Security

Ruijie Fang
Research: Hardware Security

Han (Jane) Wang
Research: Machine Learning for Big Data

Gaurav Kolhe

Ruoyu Zhang
Research: e-Health, Wearable, Smart Health

Tyler Sheaves
Research: Hardware Security, FPGA Security, ASIC Security

Elaheh Hosseini Imeni
Research: Image Processing for Smart Health

Ryan Tsang
Research: Embedded System Security, AI and ML for Security

Asmita Asmita
Research: Embedded System Security, Firmware Security, IoT Security

Kevin Immanuel Gubbi
Research: ASIC Security, FPGA Security

Master Students

Sutej Kulkarni
Research: Machine Learning for Side Channel

Mina Neronde
Research: Malware Detection on Android Devices

Undergraduate Students

Post-Doc Alumni

Sai Manoj Pudukotai DinakarRao

Current job: Assistant Professor, George Mason University

PhD Alumni

Hossein Mohammadi Makrani

PhD Thesis: Applied Machine Learning for Resource Provisioning of Data-Intensive Applications on Scale-Out Platforms and Its Security Challenges

Current job: Hardware Engineer, Apple

Maria Malik

PhD Thesis: Characterization of Computing Intensive Biomedical Application and Big Data Benchmarking.

Current job: Cloud Software Engineer, Intel Corporation

Katayoun Neshatpour

PhD Thesis: Machine Learning Acceleration

Current job: Machine Learning and Computer Vision Engineer, Cadence Design Systems

Arezou Koohi

PhD Thesis: Big Biomedical Computing

Current job: MITRE

Hossein Sayyadi

PhD Thesis: Mapping and Scheduling - Security

Current job: Assistant Professor, California State University, Long Beach

MS Alumni

Sara Bondi

MS Thesis: Vision Accelerator

Current job: Boeing

Devang Motwani

MS Thesis: Wearable Computing

Current job: Joby Aviation

Onkar Mahadev Randive

MS Thesis: Processor Architecture Security

Current job: Software Engineer at Qualcomm

Sammy Lin

MS Thesis: FPGA Accelerator Modeling

Current job: Embedded Systems Designer at the Aerospace Corporation.

Gaurav Kolhe

MS Thesis: SAT Attack Modeling

Current job:

Saurabh Satish Deshpande

MS Thesis: Machine Learning Acceleration

Current job: Software Engineer at MathWorks

Abhimanyu Chopra

MS Thesis: Optimal Allocation of Computation in IoT Network

Current job: Software Engineer at Machfu Inc

Gaurav Shenoy

MS Thesis: Implementation And Evaluation Of Sat-Based Attacks On Hybrid STT-CMOS Circuits For Reverse Engineering

Current job: Firmware Engineer at SK Hynix Memory Solutions

Matthew Drummond

MS Thesis: Power and Performance Characterization of Splash2 Benchmarks on Heterogeneous Architecture

Current job: Software Engineer at Boeing

Adarsh Reddy

MS Thesis: Dynamic Functional Unit Reconfiguration using STT-RAM based Logic for Improving Performance and Mitigating Temperature Rise in Processor Architecture

Current job: Software Engineer at Narvar

Undergraduate Students

Osaze Sheer Nima Namazi