EEC245/EMS245/ECH245/MAE245 - Micro- and Nano-technology in Life Sciences  (Next offering: Spring 2023)

This graduate course provides an interdisciplinary survey of biomedical device design, fabrication, and characterization from the engineering and biological perspectives. Selected concepts from several disciplines are illustrated by hands-on demonstrations.


EEC289L – Introduction to Neuroengineering  (Next offering: Winter 2023)

This team-taught interdisciplinary course provides an introduction to the key research areas and tools in neuroengineering and employ NIH-style proposal writing exercises to integrate course content into a potential dissertation/fellowship project.


EEC146A - Integrated Circuits Fabrication  (Next offering: Fall 2022)

This undergraduate course covers of basic microfabrication theory for metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) integrated circuits. Laboratory assignments include oxidation, photolithography, impurity diffusion, metallization, wet chemical etching, and device characterization.


EEC249 - Nanofabrication  (Next offering: TBD)

This graduate course covers theory and practices of nanofabrication for producing advanced devices ranging from electronic to biological, as well as discusses the basic physics behind essential fabrication and characterization techniques.


EEC140A - Principles Of Device Physics I (Next offering: TBD)

This undergraduate course focuses on semiconductor device fundamentals, equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, conductivity, diffusion, density of states, electrons and holes, p-n junctions, Schottky junctions, and junction field effect transistors.


EEC200 – Navigating Graduate School  (Next offering: Fall 2022)

This graduate course aims to orient the first-year students in the Electrical & Computer Engineering Graduate Program on topics, including time management, mentor-mentee relationship, scientific communication, research integrity, work-life balance, and intellectual property.