General Lab Protocols

Biosafety Cabinet Start-Up

Biosafety Cabinet Shut-Down

Biological Material Disposal

70% Ethanol Preparation

Incubator Cleaning

Water Bath Cleaning

ImageJ Image Processing


Cell Culture Protocols

Primary Neuron-Glia Tri-Culture

Primary Neuron-Glia Co-Culture Media

Primary Neuron-Glia Co-Culture

NIH/3T3 Cell Culture Media

Trypsin Preparation

Cell Culture Passaging

Caco-2 Cell Culture in Cloning Cylinder

Caco-2 Media Preparation

Caco-2 Cell Culture


Cell Staining Protocols

General Staining

Paraformaldehyde Fixation

Phalloidin Stain (f-Actin)

GFAP Stain (Astrocyte)

Tubulin-βIII Stain (Entire Neuron)

Vinculin Stain (Focal Adhesion)

Cell Preparation for SEM

TEER Electrode Maintenance

Microfluidic Protocols

Laser-Processing Channel Mold

Microfluidic Device Fabrication

Microfluidic Cell Culture

Electrochemistry Protocols

Phosphate Buffer Preparation

Solution Preparation: 0.5 M Sodium Bicarbonate and 75 mM Magnesium Chloride

Solution Preparation: 1x PBS, 20 µM Methylene-Blue, 1 mM MCH

DNA Probe and Target Aliquoting

Quantification of DNA using UV-Vis

DNA Reduction and Immobilization

Target Hybridization



General Fabrication Techniques

Piranha Cleaning

Lithography and Photoresists

Sputter Deposition

Nanoporous Gold (np-Au) Fabrication

AuAg Precursor Alloy Fabrication


Laser Annealing & Morphology Library Fabrication


Material Characterization Techniques

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy

Electrochemical Characterization of Surface Area



There is a need for educational tools that can reach to a growing number of students and the general public with minimal resources to access laboratory courses that require expensive infrastructure, such as a microfabrication facility. In order to address this need, we have developed an educational computer game (screenshot below) that simulates a microfabrication laboratory and teaches the essential techniques, such as wet chemistry and photolithography, in an interactive manner. The game is available to those interested in learning about microfabrication or using it as a teaching/training tool. If you are interested in testing the game, please contact Prof. Erkin Şeker for the link to the files.

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