Project Title   


 Control Plane Architectures for All Optical Packet Switched Networks




 Prof. S. J. Ben Yoo , Prof. Chen Nee Chuah



Current Funding


1.     National Science Foundation (NSF) – NeTS-NR – High Performance Networking Technology and Systems For Heterogeneous Networks,  (PI – Prof. Yoo, Co-PI – Akella and Levitt),


2.   National Science Foundation (NSF) - Unified Networking Research Testbed for the Next Generation Optical Internet (PI – Yoo and co-PI – Akella, Chuah and Heritage)



Short Description


Investigate next generation programmable edge routers, core routers and resilient optical networks



Current Students, Researchers


  1. Haijun Yang
  2. Jianning Mai
  3. Junqiang Hu
  4. Fei Xue




1.   Haijun Yan, Venkatesh Akella, C. N. Chuah and S. J. Ben Yoo, Scheduling Optical Packets in Wavelength, Time, and Space Domains for All-Optical Packet Switching Routers, International Conference on Communications, ICC 2005 (to appear)

2.   Fei Xue, Zhong Pan, Haijun Yang, Venkatesh Akella and S. J. Ben Yoo UNIFIED CONTENTION RESOLUTION SCHEMES FOR AN OLS-BASED VARIABLE-LENGTH PACKET SWITCHING SYSTEM, IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology,  Special Issue on Metro and Access Networks, vol 22, Number 11, 2004

3.   Min Yong Jeon, Zhong Pan, Jing Cao, Yash Bansal, Julie Taylor, Zubin Wang, Venkatesh Akella, Shin Kamei, Katsunari Okamoto, S. J. Ben Yoo, DEMONSTRATION OF ALL-OPTICAL PACKET SWITCHING ROUTERS WITH OPTICAL LABEL SWAPPING AND 2R REGENERATION FOR SCALABLE OPTICAL-LABEL SWITCHING NETWORK APPLICATIONS, IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology, pages 2723-2733, Volume: 21, Issue:11, November 2003

4.   S. J. B. Yoo, Fei Xue, Yash Bansal, Julie Taylor, Zhong Pan, Jing Cao, Minyong Jeon, Tony Nady, Kirk Boyer, Shin Kamei, Katsunari Okamoto, and Venkatesh Akella, HIGH PERFORMANCE OPTICAL LABEL SWITCHING PACKET ROUTERS AND SMART EDGE ROUTERS FOR NEXT GENERATION INTERNET, IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communication, pages 1041-1051, Volume 21, Issue 7, September 2003

5.   Fei Xue, Zhong Pan, Yash Bansal, Jing Cao, Minyong Jeon, Shin Kamei, Katsunari Okamoto, Venkatesh Akella and  S. J. Ben Yoo END-TO-END CONTENTION RESOLUTION SCHEMES FOR AN OPTICAL PACKET SWITCHING NETWORK WITH ENHANCED EDGE ROUTERS, IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology, pages 2592-2604, Volume: 21, Issue:11, November 2003

6.   Zhong Pan, Min Yong Jeon, Yash Bansal, Jing Cao, Julie Taylor, Venkatesh Akella, Shin Kamei, Katsunari Okamoto, S. J. Ben Yoo, PACKET BY PACKET WAVELENGTH, TIME, SPACE DOMAIN CONTENTION RESOLUTION IN OPTICAL-LABEL SWITCHING ROUTER WITH 2R REGENERATION, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, pages 1312-1314, Volume 15, Issue:9, September 2003