Project Title     Proactive Multimedia Algorithms and Architectures


Collaborators  Prof. Mihaela van der Schaar  Dilip Krishnaswamy (Intel)





Intel Research– Wireless Multimedia Algorithms and Architectures –

 (PI – Prof. van der Schaar, Co-PI Akella)



Short Description


The goal of this project is to investigate resource scalable algorithms and architectures for next generation multimedia and network processors





  1. Wen Fu Kuo (CS)
  2. Gouri Landge (ECE)





1.   Mihaela van der schaar, Deepak Turaga and Venkatesh Akella, Rate-Complexity-Distortion based Adaptive Multimedia Streaming, International Conference on Image Processing, Singapore, October 2004.


2.   G. Landge, M. van der Schaar, and V. Akella. COMPLEXITY ANALYSIS FOR SCALABLE WAVELET CODING. Proceedings of the SPIE  Applications of Digital Image Processing, Denver, July 2004


3.   G. Landge, M. van der Schaar and Venkatesh Akella, Complexity Driven Energy Optimization Framework for Scalable MPEG-21 Decoders, International Confernece on Acoustics and Signal Processing, ICASSP, 2005 (to appear)