Hspice is a device level circuit simulator.  Hspice takes a spice file as input and produces output describing the requested simulation of the circuit.  It can also produce output files to be used by the CosmosScope post processor.

Before using Hspice it must be setup with the command: setup hspice.  The setup script should be only run once.  After running the setup script you will need to open a new window.


Other Information

  • HSPICE documentation is available on the ECE Linux workstations with the command “hspice-help”
  • The news group sci.electronics.cad published an article entitled Crash Test Introduction on Using SPICE.
  • You can also run a version of spice called PSPICE on your PC.  PSPICE is available from Orcad.
  • MicroCap is another version of spice for the PC.

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