ECE Computer Support FAQ Page


How do I print in the Linux lab?
Open your browser and go to:
Select: Campus Black and White Printers
Upload your file or insert your URL.
Type in your KerberosID  in the Username field.
Slide your AggieCard into the card reader to retrieve printout.

I went to File –> Print.  Where is my document?
Please use the method above to print documents from the Linux lab.

What is my printing quota?
Print quotas in the ECE instructional computing labs have been removed.

How much does it cost to print?
Each page printed is $0.10/page.  A duplex page will cost $0.20.

Why are you now charging for prints?
As operational costs rise, to encourage responsible printing and reduce costs/waste, the ECE Department has implemented a new printing system in the ECE instructional computing labs.
Students will be billed by campus for their usage at the end of each quarter as a student fee.

Can I print duplex in the computer labs?
At this time, using does not appear to offer the duplex option.

Can I use my laptop to print to the printer units in the ECE instructional computer labs?
Yes.  You can print documents/webpages from your laptop at

Do you have a scanner?
Yes.  The printer devices in the ECE instructional computer labs have scanning capabilities.  You can scan documents and have the PDF emailed to you.  The cost is free.  You will need to register your email address on the printer device’s address book.

Do you have a copier?
Yes.  The printer is also a copier.  You will need to use your AggieCard to initiate the copy mode.  Each page copied is $0.10.

Wireless Access

Can I add my laptop to the wireless network?
Yes, use the campus wireless network: Eduroam.

Can I add my mobile device to the wireless network?
Yes, use the campus wireless network: Eduroam.

ECE Computing Account

My account doesn’t work in 2110 or 2112 Kemper Hall.
Accounts for our Windows labs are created only for specific courses, e.g. EEC180A/B accounts are created for 2110 Kemper.

My account doesn’t work in 2107 Kemper Hall.
If you are enrolled in an ECE, then an ECE computing account was created for you prior to the start of the academic quarter. Please use your UCD kerberos login credentials.  If you are still unable to login, and you believe that your account is active, please visit the ECE Computer Support office, 2156 Kemper Hall, with your photo ID.


How can I get Microsoft Office?
The low cost option to obtain MS Office as a student is to purchase the application from Software House International.

Can I borrow your stapler?
A stapler is provided for your use in 2107 Kemper Hall

Firefox says I already have an open session. Can you help?
You will need to delete two files. The two commands are below:

  • cd ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default
  • rm -rf .parentlock lock

I appear to be exceeding my disk quota.  How can I fix this?
Student accounts have a 1.0GB disk quota.  The Firefox cache can often be purged to reduce disk usage.  The command below will remove the Firefox cache directory:

  • cd ~
  • rm -rf .cache




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