tcsh and System Startup Files

Tcsh, an extended version of csh, is the default command shell used on all ECE computers. tcsh allows us to maintain a system-wide standard environment. These system files are stored in the directory, /etc, and are called csh.cshrc, csh.login, and csh.logout. These files are processed before any corresponding local versions of .cshrc, .login, and .logout.

To bypass processing of one of the system dot files and execute only your local file create an empty file called .NONSTANDARD.cshrc, .NONSTANDARD.login, or .NONSTANDARD.logout in your home directory. The simplest way to create an empty file is by using the touch command. i.e. touch ~/.NONSTANDARD.cshrc

To bypass all system dot files create a file called .NONSTANDARD

A user’s .cshrc should not define path and environment variables that are for software packages supported on the ECE system. Instead, enter the software package in .software by running the appropriate setup scripts. See soft for more detail. The soft system is bypassed when any one of the .NONSTANDARD files exist.

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