ECE Unix Account Disk Quotas

Disk quotas represent the amount of disk space that you are allocated for your ECE Unix home directory. The standard disk quota for students is 1GB.

Checking your disk quota

Login to a Unix/Linux machine, either locally or remotely using a program such as SSH commands. Enter the command “quota -v” at the Unix prompt. The output will look something like this:

% quota -v
Disk quotas for user joesmith (uid 12345): 
     Filesystem  blocks   quota   limit   grace   files quota   limit   grace
/dev/vg01/lvol2    4164   35000   40000             228 0       0

Finding and removing expendable files

Use the “du” command as shown below to obtain a report of the number of kilobytes used in each directory of your account:

	% du -k | sort -n

	0       ./.Mathematica/4.0
	0       ./.Mathematica/4.0/FrontEnd
	<...>	(several sub-directories omitted for clarity)
	4560    ./.mozilla/jsmith/3jo9meso.slt/Cache
	6576    ./.mozilla/jsmith/3jo9meso.slt
	6594    ./.mozilla/jsmith
	7600    ./.mozilla

Note that the results are sorted in ascending order of disk usage. This example shows 4560KB in ./.mozilla/jsmith/3jo9meso.slt/Cache and that accounts for most of the 7600KB usage under ./.mozilla

Use the standard Unix commands for working with directories and files to navigate directories and delete any large expendable files. Prime candidates for removal are:

  • “core” files. These huge program dumps are useless to most people.
  • files in Cache directories
  • compiled programs and .o files that you can recompile later if needed.

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