Connecting to hosts on campus and from home

The Subdomain

The ECE computers are part of the subdomain, Within the ECE department, you can refer to computers by the first part of their name. The name and IP address of each system is printed on the cpu. However, if you are contacting snake from the campus domain (, you must refer to snake as ‘snake.ece’. From a domain other than, or ‘’.

Logging on to another ECE host using SSH

Once you are logged on to an ECE computer, you can begin a session with another ECE computer using the command ssh. For example, to begin a session on asp after logging onto another computer, type: ‘ssh asp’. Note that this method will allow you to change the host within the window where you typed the command. For further information, type: ‘man ssh’.

Opening another Xwindow

To bring up another xwindow on the local host, point the cursor to the root or background window and press the rightmost button; select the remote host name. When a window frame appears, press any button to bring up the window. Alternatively, click on the terminal in the bottom grey icon row. To initiate a log on to another ECE computer and configure for X window usage, use ssh with the -X option. For instance, ‘ssh -X asp’. You can then run X applications remotely by opening them via the command line.

Connecting to a Machine with a Low Load Average

The best machine to connect to remotely is the one with the lowest load average. We have a program that automatically connects you with such a machine.

To connect to a machine in Room 2107, type 'snake.ece'.
To connect to a machine in Room 2206, type 'grad-hp.ece'.
To connect to a machine in Room 079/083, type 'ugrad-linux.ece'.

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